Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Skye Really Does Smile Sometimes--I Promise!

This post is to make up for the scowling Easter pictures of Skye--to show that she really does smile when she wants to. You just have to be quick with the camera to capture usually!

Doesn't she look so dang cute in the new outfit my mom bought for her?
This is my first attempt at doing something with her hair. I know it's sticking straight out, but I actually thought she looked kinda cute! I'm not much of a hair person, but I'll keep trying. The real trick will be convincing Skye not to pull the elastics out, which is what she did that day after about two minutes! But like I said, I'll keep trying!


Cookie said...

I LOVE THE PIGGY TAILS! She does look adorable in the new outfit. Might have to get some more???? Of course, Papa and I know all about her smiles, but it really is nice to actually capture it on camera! Good job!

Jess said...

SO CUTE! What a sweet little smile! And as for the pig-tails, those are my favorite hairdos for little girls. I can't wait until Lissie's hair is long enough! Good job!

Nate & Millie said...

I love when pig tails stick straight out! We went to do baptisms for the dead and I didn't want my hair to float up, so the only thing I could do was put it in two pig tails...Nate kept laughing and poking them because they stuck straight out the back of my head!