Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Trip to Utah

Skye had this little smirk on her face (don't ask me why) the whole time we were at the airport after arriving in Utah. You sure can tell that Papa is happy! And so is Cookie.
Skye was happy to have different toys to play with. She LOVED this train set and would play with it for the longest time.
Just having fun...

Another train!
The messy eating pictures are just too good to resist!

Sleeping on the way to the zoo with my dad. She loved watching the elephant eat.
She also had fun playing at the playground at the zoo--well, as long as no other kids came near her. She is quite aggressive these days. (Some of you know what I'm talking about.) We both had such a great time visiting. Thanks for being such fabulous parents and grandparents, Cookie and Papa!


Cookie said...

Yay for the Utah photos!!! Gotta love that big smile on Papa's face! Don't usually see that in pictures of him! Papa is constantly saying, "Remember when Skye did ......?" Or, "Wasn't it funny when Skye.....?" Life is definitely active when Skye is around! She is such a little go-getter! It was fun having you both here. We look forward to the next visit. We will start strength and endurance training right away!

Jess said...

Hey, we have that EXACT train set, Cookie! I am glad to see Lissie is not the only girl obsessed with trains. I think she likes them better than Emmett! Looks like you had a great time. We look forward to seeing you there in June!

Alexis said...

You gotta love visiting family. I hope that Skye doesn't do what my kids do when they get home from grandma's, and want ALL the attention since they got attention the whole time they were there.