Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Hunt

Skye went to her first ever Easter egg hunt today. It was at the park and hosted by my friend, Tia. Lots of kids showed up and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. Skye loved finding the eggs and putting them in her purse. I think she may have gotten a few too many! Here are some of the other younger kids looking for eggs.
Picking up another one.
Here's Skye inspecting her find after she was all done. There were jelly beans in a lot of the eggs which she didn't like and would spit out. She likes M&Ms, though, which I put in some of the eggs we contributed. She calls them "nummies." I think it's cute! What a fun time we had!


Nate & Millie said...

I love that she calls them nummies! Nate said it's okay she doesn't like jelly beans, he spits them out, too!!! She is just so cute!

Tacy said...

Ha ha, that's funny! Yeah, I can't say I'm a big jelly bean fan, either. I mean, they're okay, but you know me--I'd rather have chocolate! You'd like the jelly bean, though, probably, huh?

Cookie said...

What a milestone! First Easter Egg hunt! Very cute. Looks like she had a good time. Tia is a fun friend, isn't she? If the jelly beans are really jelly bellies, they are much better, but I didn't like them until just recently, so can't complain about Skye not liking them! Glad she had fun!

Mike, Tia & Annabelle said...

You are so quick at getting stuff up on your blog :) Skye is so cute, I told Mike about her saying goodbye for a while after he took off. Thanks for coming to the hunt, it was a lot of fun and the weather worked out too (I was a tad worried about heat+chocolate).
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and everything nice said...

Tacy!! This is Ginger!! WOW!! I can't believe how big your little girl is!! And you cut your hair!! So much has happen! Correen gave me your blog! I'm so happy for you! Where you at? How ya doin'? Let me know! My blog is Take care friend!!