Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Skye's First Popsicle

Skye had her first popsicle a couple of weeks ago. I'd let her lick some of my own popsicles last summer, but this was the first one she ever held herself to eat. We'd gone to the park with my friend, Tia, and her daughter, Annabelle. We went back to their house after to have popsicles. Skye loved it! Tia took these cute pictures of her with it!


Jess said...

Man, did she actually finish one of those? Emmett never can. But then again, I don't get those cool firecracker popsicles.
Cute pictures! You dress your darling daughter so cute!

Cookie said...

How cute! Those kind of Popsicles are enormous! I have to ask the same question as Jessica..."did she finish it?" I love the outfit she's in, too. Very cute and very stylin'! We miss you all so much! When do you think we'll be able to just "beam" wherever we want to go?

Tacy said...

Nope, Skye didn't eat the whole thing--I helped her.

Jess said...

One of the best things about having a little one- you get to "help" finish their food. :)