Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our 4th of July

This was probably the funnest 4th of July I've ever had. It started with a neighborhood breakfast and kids bike parade--come with your bikes decorated they said. We originally didn't think we could make it because Skye was supposed to be in the Kaysville parade, but Sunshine ended up not being able to do it so we went to the breakfast. Unfortunately, we didn't have anything for Skye to decorate her bike with so we had to improvise. While all the other kids had their bikes decorated very patriotically, my creative husband suggested to Skye that she decorate her bike with snakes and animals--some of her favorite things! So she did! 

Getting ready to go. 

Finishing the parade behind her friend, Jonah. I have to mention how much all the boys there loved her bike! 

After the breakfast, we watched the Kaysville parade from my parent's house. It was fun for Skye to be able to actually watch one. She got tons of candy, a football, and a stuffed animal! After that, we had a good time at Boondocks with my brother and cousin. That night, we had a bunch of my family and Lance's family over for a barbecue. It was fun having tons of people over!

Skye did a sparkler for the first time. She wasn't really sure about it, though. Maybe next year it will be more fun. 

And then we did lots of fireworks! 

Just to end, I have to say that we absolutely have a house in the most perfect location in all of northern Utah. It's close to Salt Lake and Ogden, close to my family, has beautiful views with wildlife all around, and we have the most amazing view of fireworks ever! We seriously had the best fireworks show ever right from our deck. We could see fireworks going off EVERYWHERE! We figured we could see ones from Kaysville, Layton, Clearfield and other cities around there, and probably even as far north as Farr West. My brother said he and my cousin counted nine different places that they were coming from and that was from inside, looking out. We could probably see even more than that from out on the deck. It was so amazing, spectacular, beautiful! It was so good that I couldn't pull myself away long enough to get the tripod to get a good picture! Next year, I'll be prepared before they begin! So yes, funnest 4th ever!


Cookie said...

It was a really good 4th of July. I look forward to many more fireworks shows from your deck! It was awesome!!

LindaDC said...

Thanks for the great Bar-B-Que. It was great being with everyone! And we saw amazing fireworks for miles as we drove home, as well.