Friday, August 19, 2011

Snowbird Day One

Lance has wanted to go to the mountains all summer. Being pregnant, hot, and tired all the time, I've been kind of lazy this summer. So he booked us a stay at Snowbird this last Monday and Tuesday. The hotels have great deals there in the summer that include other fun things going on in the area. One of the first things we did was go to the bungee trampolines. Skye has wanted to do these for years, but was always too small.

Lance joined in the fun, too! If I weren't pregnant, I would have done it, too.

Lance got the hang of it right away and was immediately doing flips.

We tried getting Skye to try flips, but she was a little nervous.

She finally started getting used to it and at least did higher jumps. She did have a lot of fun--so much so that she did it again the next day. 

Despite my big belly, I did get to go on the alpine slide, though I went very, very slow! 

Here's Skye waiting for her turn with Lance. 

Skye waiting for me at the bottom of the slide. 

It's always fun to see these little guys running around! 

This is the chair lift that takes you to the top of the slide. 

We took it up a second time, then walked back down. 

And this is one of Skye's favorite things to do in hotel rooms! She sure loves to jump!

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Cookie said...

Definitely looks like a fun trip. I've gotta find some good deals like that!