Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vacation Day One

Last Sunday we flew into San Diego. Skye did great on the plane even with a layover in Oakland. She loves helping with her suitcase even though it's probably as big as she is.
Here's Skye her first time on the beach at the ocean! Our hotel was right on Mission Bay so we went out to the beach every day we were there.

Meeting the ocean for the first time!

I LOVE this picture Lance took of us! Isn't it great?!

Lance had to go for a swim, of course, even though I thought the water was a bit cold!

Skye got braver and braver and even ventured in quite a ways herself!

We spent much of the time being horses (Skye is an animal more than she is a girl--what a great imagination she has). She and Daddy were hyper horses having races down to the water!

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Cookie said...

So here I am checking the blog while it's cold, gray and rainy outside! How nice that you got to enjoy that lovely San Diego weather. I love the picture Lance took of you and Skye!