Friday, May 27, 2011

Star Fish and Turtles

One of the fun, hands-on activities at Sea World was touching the star fish. Skye loved it. We spent a lot of time here! You could even pick them up as long as you kept them under the water.
I couldn't believe how many different colors and varieties there were!

They were so beautiful!

There were also sea snails. It would have been cool to see one emerge or move around, but the shell was neat, too.

The bright purple sea urchins were cool as well.

Just before seeing the Shamu show, we cooled off in a building with different kind of fish and turtles.

It was pretty amazing watching the turtles swim. It often just looked like they were flying--only under water!

The turtles seemed like such graceful, peaceful animals--until feeding time came. They threw tons of these little squid into the water and the turtles went nuts! They'd fight over them and even chase and attack each other. It certainly changed my view of turtles!

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Cookie said...

The star fish are beautiful! Who knew they were so colorful! And flying turtle indeed! But agressive turtles? Interesting. Hunger drives the meekest of animals I guess. Fun pics!