Saturday, May 21, 2011

Heat and Meltdowns

One of the things we were looking forward to the most at Sea World was the dolphin show. My brother and sister-in-law went a couple of months before we did and had shown us pictures and videos. Skye couldn't wait to see the pilot whales that splash the audience. Here they are. Long before we left, I kept asking Skye if she wanted to sit in the splash zone and get wet or sit higher and keep dry. She always said she wanted to be dry so we took a seat high up. However, right as the show started, she decided she wanted to be in the splash zone. It was too late by then. That combined with being in the heat all day, hunger, and exhaustion led to a meltdown.
Lance was still able to get a few good shots, though!

I definitely wasn't expecting the show to have all sorts of acrobatics in it. If I hadn't already seen Cirque du Soleil, I might have been impressed, but as it was, I really just wanted to see the dolphins doing tricks.

Like this!

After getting something to eat and taking a rest in a nice, air-conditioned building, Skye was back to her old self so we could go see Shamu!

The next day, we went back to the dolphin show so Skye could get splashed this time. Unfortunately, the pilot whales didn't appear in this show. But she did get splashed by the dolphins. Lance had to bring her crying to me a few rows back where it was safe and dry. The funny thing is that now anytime anyone asks her what her favorite thing at Sea World was, she'll tell them, "Getting splashed by the dolphins." What a silly girl!


Jess said...

Funny kids. I wonder if "favorite part" means "most memorable part" to them. The dolphin show is all I can remember of Sea World. But thanks to this post, I know that if I take my kids to keep them hydrated and shaded!

Cookie said...

Unpredictable, for sure! I love all the pics. What a fun adventure, even if there were those meltdowns.

Lance Stine said...

It looks like we got some pretty good pictures of the animals jumping