Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back to Sea World (Finally)

Our last stop in the arctic region of Sea World was the penguins. It's always fun to see the penguins! Then, after the cute animals of the arctic, we saw the...SHARKS!
I love the shark exhibit there--seeing sharks swimming all around you! Skye seemed a little nervous at first, but was then excited anytime a BIG shark would swim by!

Checking out the giant shark jaw.

After that, it was back to cute, cuddly animals--the sea lions. We assumed this must be a baby and mom. It was kind of sad because the mom kept moving around as if she were trying to push the baby off of her as they snoozed. But at the same time, I know where she's coming from which is why anytime we stay at a hotel now, I make Lance sleep with Skye.

Sesame Street Bay of Play is a great addition to Sea World. Skye had loads of fun playing around the second day we were there. Here we are waiting for Abby's Sea Star Spin--one of the rides they have for little kids--to start. Skye was excited and totally adamant about going on all three of the rides, but as soon as they started, she hunkered down closely to either Lance or me and did not see to enjoy them much. But I'm glad she was brave enough to try them!

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Cookie said...

Give Skye the Badge of Courage for giving it her best shot--with sharks and rides!