Monday, May 30, 2011

The Hotel

Every hotel has its pros and cons. The con of our hotel was the bed. It was the most uncomfortable bed I've ever been on. It probably would have been more luxurious sleeping on a rock. However, the grounds of the hotel were BEAUTIFUL! Look at this amazing picture Lance got of this bird with a bug in its mouth! Who knew there were little dinosaurs roaming around San Diego?!
Another great bird-with-bug-in-its-mouth picture!
The flowers were spectacular! There were so many different kinds and so many different colors and it smelled heavenly everywhere we walked!

Skye is still a strong girl!

Lance said this was the best bird-of-paradise flower specimen he had ever seen. I'm not sure any of my pictures of it turned out that great, though.

Stopping to smell the flowers.

I love these flowers. They were in Phoenix, as well.

Another dinosaur!

Another pro to our hotel was the fact that we could walk straight down to the beach from our room.

We (Lance and Skye especially) spent a lot of time exploring, having fun and acting silly there!


Lance Stine said...

I'm glad that we stayed there. I'm sure that a hotel in a less desirable place would have meant more driving and less of a great vacation.

Cookie said...

Beautiful pics of flowers! I love all the beautiful colors and variety of flowers. Nicely done. I think I'd have been a little frightened of those dinosaurs, however! :-)