Monday, October 18, 2010

Trying to Catch Up

I sooooo need to catch up on blogging. Skye is transitioning out of taking naps so much of my free time has been lost. To start off, here on some cute pictures of the little one. My awesome sister-in-law got this shirt for Skye. She's still a kitty fanatic so when I put the shirt on to see if it fit, she did not want to take it off!
Crazy hair!
We've met several of these little guys in our yard.
This is Skye's hand so you can see that they are pretty small.
One Sunday after church, we visited Lance's dad who's in an assisted living center. Skye had only seen him once or twice so I was a little nervous about how she'd react, but she was actually really excited about going to see Grandpa Stine. She smiled at him and shook his hand and had a fun time. I'm glad I got this picture of them together.

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Cookie said...

Cute little frogs! Awesome picture of 3 generations of Stines! That's definitely a keeper! The kitty shirt is adorable, and as always, I love the crazy hair!