Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Silver Lake Continued

We had a great time at Silver Lake. Not only did we just happen to run into a friend of mine, we also saw some amazing fall colors and this moose!The trail goes all the way around the lake as well as some land. This moose was just standing there eating the whole time. It was pretty cool!

Look at those brilliant colors!

The moose again.

So beautiful!

Yellow often seems to be the most common color of changing leaves, so we were excited when we saw these red ones in the parking lot!
Our obsession to capture wildflowers in the summer has now turned to the autumn leaves. There will be more to come!!!


Cookie said...

The yellows, reds, oranges are fabulous! Beautiful shots of Autumn. Love that moose, too! Some day you'll need to take Papa and me up there!

Lance said...

Fall is so great but is always crushed so suddenly by the first cold wind

Growing Up Skye said...

So true, Lance. It's too bad fall only stays for such a short time here in Utah. I wish it could be fall all year long!