Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Silver Lake

A couple of weeks ago, we went up to Brighton and hiked around Silver Lake. I was so proud of Skye for making the whole mile all by herself. We took a ton of pictures so here are ones of us. I'll get more up later. Doesn't Skye look cute here?
Family pictures!

Skye with the stunning yellow aspens.
Lance found this awesome rock wall for the little one to climb up!

At the top!
And a couple of random, candid pictures...


lance said...

don't want her to be afraid of heights

Jess said...

What a gorgeous hike! You guys seem to know all of the best spots. :)

Cookie said...

What fun! Love to see Skye climbing up that rock. She's a natural, right? The pictures are great. The quakies are brilliant! Looks like a totally fun day.