Thursday, October 28, 2010

Firefighter Skye

Every year Kaysville has a fire prevention/awareness week where they have fun things to look at and learn about at the fire station. This is Skye's second time going. Here she is with my mom by one of the big firetrucks. I'm not sure she was all that impressed with the fire trucks. I mean, she has already gone for a ride in one!

One of the firefighters dared me to climb up this ladder. I'm not really afraid of heights, but it was raining and slick! He was, of course, joking!
Skye was definitely more interested in her sucker than anything else that was going on.
At least until we came to this little fire truck! She had a blast driving this!

One of the highlights of the evening for me was seeing Lucy and Aryan (not sure if I spelled that right) Bredthauer. The last time I saw Larian was in fact at this very event three years ago. Skye was four months and I think Lucy was 10 months. I meant to get a picture with them and somehow forgot. I really regret it now. But I'm glad I have this one!


Jess said...

It's Ariane. :) Anyway, what a fun event! It's too bad our kids can't fully appreciate these kind of things. But it's neat that you make sure to take Skye to all sorts of things.

Cookie said...

Looks like Jessica beat me to the punch to tell you how to spell Ariane's name! That was fun going there. That can become an annual event now! Jessica--you will have to come with us next year!! Or at least some time you'll have to bring your kids and we'll see if our fireman friend will take us all for another ride in the fire truck! :)