Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fishing with Daddy

Ever since my parents took Skye fishing, Lance has wanted to as well. One Saturday, we went to the fish farm in North Ogden. Lance was excited because he's only ever gone river fishing and only ever caught one fish! But Skye started out with the magic touch. She quickly caught three fish! Lance caught up to her, though one of his flopped back into the water.
Father and daughter fishing! Here's Skye with another one! I have some great video of her catching them, too, that I'll get around to posting sometime.


Cookie said...

I love Skye in her hat! She really is getting the hang of fishing, isn't she? Perhaps one day she will be able to do some real fishing out on a boat or something. We'll have to plan a fishing/camping experience next summer!

Jess said...

Emmett went fishing twice in Texas and loved it also. Maybe a fish farm is the place for us to go. I'll add it to my list. :)

Mike and Tia Fam said...

Thanks for posting Tacy! I love reading your blog - I still feel connected to you guys even though we haven't seen each other in so long.
Skye is so cute - and obviously a great little fisherman :) Glad things look to be going smoothly!