Friday, October 29, 2010


My mom and dad took us to the chicken show that was at the fairgrounds earlier this month. One of my mom's co-workers, Cami, had some of her chickens in the show. She told Skye she'd let her see one of them. Here she is with Cami's daughter, Sadie. She got to pet the chicken... hold the chicken...
and kiss the chicken!!!!
There was quite a variety of chickens and other birds.
There were fluffy chickens (Skye's favorite).
There were colorful chickens.
There were bizarre-looking chickens.
There were duck chickens. Ha ha--just kidding!
And there were normal chickens!
It ended up being a fun time for all!


Cookie said...

Way cute pictures! Who knew it would be such fun going to a chicken show! I'm glad Cami was there to help make it even more special! And how many little girls have been able to kiss a chicken!

Lance said...

kissing a chicken, how strange/cute/dangerous