Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Totally Forgot...

to post these pictures from the children's garden at Thanksgiving Point. Lance and I took Skye there a few weeks ago. Of course I immediately started taking pictures of flowers. It looks like this one became a little snack for a little grasshopper!
We saw these baby birds in a cave/tunnel at the gardens. We also saw the parents flying in with food.
I love water lillies!

It ended up that Skye's favorite part of being there was playing with these wooden blocks. After quite some time, we had to slowly coax her away from them.
Skye's a big Toy Story fan. These forked pieces of wood became "the claw."
Another fun part was Noah's ark! There was a sign saying it was broken so I'm guessing water usually shoots out of the ark and the animals, but there was a pool of water surrounding it which was fun just to run and splash in.

We also had fun in the garden maze. We really did get lost in it! I'm glad we're finding some fun things to do in Utah.

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Cookie said...

I always love your flower pics! Someday you need to do a calendar with some of your favorite flower photos! I love Skye and "the claw."