Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finally...the Fourth

This was one of the funnest Fourths I remember. It was actually a cool and perfect day for the festivities. I kept trying to get a picture of Skye in her cute shirt, but she didn't want to look at the camera. She wanted to look at the parade, of course!
She spent much of her time with a finger in her mouth trying to get out the taffy which she's never had before. She got so much candy, it was worse than Halloween!
She did pose with this nice air force guy who offered to come over for a picture with her.
We all liked the VW part of the parade. Skye kept asking if the buses were her bus, Filmore (from Cars).
Here's some weird guy named Scott driving a bug! Actually, my mom works with him, but if you know Scott, you know you have to give him a hard time!
And here's Herby. Is that his name? Ya know, the race car.
I haven't really enjoyed the Kaysville parade for a long time, but this year it was awesome! It lasted forever and actually had real floats. I thought Skye would be excited about this princess float, but she liked the dog (who she thought was Snoopy) more.

Here are some more of the floats we saw.

Skye also loved the ball Daddy caught for her.
But perhaps her favorite thing (besides the candy) was all the beads she got. She loves those things!
We also tried out Yogo To Go, a new frozen yogurt shop in Kaysville. It was deeeeelicious! This was Skye's first year to stay up and watch fireworks and she really liked them. She kept saying they were beautiful and colorful.
Here are some of my favorite firework pictures.


Jess said...

I've given up on the Kaysville parade because it's too crazy finding a spot to sit. But I imagine it's easier for you guys. :) I'm glad that there were so many neat floats this year. Lucky Skye!

jennzech said...

What?? The Kaysville parade had floats?? Wow. Things have changed since I've been to a Kaysville parade.

Cookie said...

It really was a very fun 4th of July--the whole weekend, in fact! I heard people say the parade was too long, but I thought it was a nice change of pace to have a long parade that actually had some floats! Skye sure enjoyed it all! Yogotogo was definitely a highlight! And can come to our house anytime for the Kaysville parade!!!

LindaDC said...

Great pictures of fireworks!! You must have a good camera. Was the parade on Sat. or Mon.? Skye looked very cute in her shirt and beads!!