Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cute Things

Every age has it's fun, special, unique parts. Right now, Skye is at the age where she says the funniest and most random things. We were at the park one day when she said, "Mommy, I like you. I think you are really beautiful." I told her thank-you and that I thought she was beautiful, too, to which she responded, "Well, I am kinda pretty." Kids look the sweetest when they are sleeping.
I've often found that the times I'm most overcome with love and happiness for her are moments when I spy her sleeping--looking like a precious little angel.
Yesterday, my dad was singing "The ants go marching..." song. Like most kids, Skye is interested in bugs and likes watching them. So he asked her if she had seen the ants marching outside. She firmly responded, "No. Ants don't march. Only marching bands march. March, march, march." Kids are so logical!
Skye loves my mom's cats--maybe a little too much. Chiang here does a pretty good job putting up with the hugs, squeezes and harassment, but the other cat, Squeakers (or Freakers as Skye calls him) isn't as tolerant. My dad told Skye he and Cookie were going to the temple. She told him she was going to stay home with Mommy. Then she said, "The cat (meaning Freakers) is mad at the temple. He doesn't like the temple." Where did that come from?

One last funny story. In an effort to try and help Skye get over being picky when it comes to food, we have started putting several things on her plate--even things we know she may not eat, just so she can see it and have the option of trying it. I put some of the pasta salad we were eating on her plate. After awhile, she finally noticed it, picked it up, said, "I don't like this," then stuck it in her mouth! Unfortunately, it fell out of her mouth and she didn't try anymore. But it was funny that she would try it after saying she didn't like it. Kids are worth it just for the entertainment they provide!


Jess said...

I love preschooler's self confidence! "I am kind of pretty." LOL Did Lance do that chalk dog? Awesome.

Curtis & Elise said...

I totally agree. Kids are crazy! (in a wonderful way)

Cookie said...

Those are some adorable pictures of my perfect little angel. I love the look on her face as she's playing with Chiang. She sure loves her "cute little baby!" And no doubt that those angelic pictures of her sleeping just bring out such an intesity of love. I thank God for our little Skye!