Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Ending

These are the last of our Tucson pictures, I promise! Besides the butterflies, there were other fun things at the botanical gardens like fountains! Both Skye and Lance had fun playing in the sand!

No, the plants aren't real. They were very life-like, but it is actually a fountain.
Lance took this incredibly colorful photo. Beautiful!
Playing in the bamboo.

Climbing on the turtle.
Skye would have loved to have sat on these horses, but unfortunately, they had "bad backs" and couldn't be ridden.
Playing peek-a-boo was just as much fun, though!


Jess said...

Is it just the light, or is Skye's hair getting blonde? Sounds like a fun weekend. You make me want to have a mini-vacation!
On a side note, Chris has a girlfriend who lives in Phoenix! I'll have to find out where!

lance said...

I liked the Tucson botanical garden because it is so eclectic. Phoenix has a more "botanical" botanical garden, but Tucson's is better for children.

Tacy said...

Jessica, it's not just the light. Skye is very much a blond, but so was mine and Lance's when we were little so hers will probably darken a bit as she gets older. And yep, Lance, the Tucson botanical garden is definitely better for kids.