Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Day at the Museum

Wednesday morning, before my mom had to fly back home, we took Skye to the Children's Museum. It is so much fun! Cookie had a great time playing with Skye. And I think Skye had more fun this time because there weren't as many big kids since it was a weekday. The big kids are a little too rough for her!

Gotta love the flying hair and the tongue poking out!
Cookie had to do it, too, of course!

After the museum, we went to have lunch with Lance. The poor little one fell asleep as we were stuck at a red light for near eternity! But what a precious picture, huh?
Eventually, she woke up and got to play in the fountain (which we haven't been to for quite awhile).
A friendly security guard took a picture of all of us together.
Here is Skye modeling the new shirt she got changed into after getting soaked at the fountain. What a fun day, until Cookie had to leave, that is. But we very much enjoyed her stay! Anyone else that's looking for a vacation or escape is welcome to come visit us, too!


Jess said...

I wish y'all weren't a 15 or so hour drive- or we WOULD take a mini vacation to see you. But it wouldn't be to escape our weather. We've been great here too.
Well, if Chris marries the Arizona girl and she chooses to get married down there (I'm just speculating- no announcements or anything), maybe I will be visiting your home!

Tacy said...

That would be soooo cool!!!!

lance said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun. Maybe we should not only meet up for lunch but meet for a little bit of play time with Skye at the Children's Museum.

Cookie said...

Great pictures--SO bright at the children's museum "spandex tunnel" world! A good reminder of the fun we had my last day there. Yeah, Lance, you need to meet up with them at the children's museum to play. Such a fun place and so much to do! Take advantage of that membership, Tacy!

Nate & Millie said...

I love the new picture of you guys! I also LOVE the picture of Skye with her hair blowing!!! She's so adorable, I miss you guys! P.S. I mailed your birthday card this week, let me know when you receive it.