Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

So my birthday really isn't until tomorrow, but since it's on Sunday, we decided to do some celebrating today by going to the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium in Litchfield Park (northwest of here.) I think I actually liked it better than the Phoenix zoo even though it is one of those small town sort of zoos. We had a great time. Can you see the lion in the background? Skye loves to roar like lions. I couldn't resist a picture of this strange looking stork.
Lance tried to get a picture of a monkey in a palm tree, and then one came down from the tree. Unfortunately, all it wanted to do was scratch its tail.
Once Skye learns how to say something, it becomes of interest to her. She learned how to say giraffe not too long ago so she was pretty excited to see them at the zoo.
Her favorite part of the whole day was feeding the giraffe! She absolutely loved it!
This isn't a very good picture, but it shows just how happy she was.
Once again, she loved the petting zoo. She liked the animals so much that she starting putting her cheek up next to them and even tried to kiss some of them!

She was excited to see the lamas--a word she learned from watching The Emperor's New Groove.
I wasn't sure what I'd think about the aquarium, but it was actually pretty amazing. Skye loved watching the fish, sharks, and turtles. She has become a fan of sea creatures since watching Finding Nemo. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday!


Cookie said...

What a happy day! Glad you were able to celebrate your birthday--even if it was on "the last day you'll ever be 25 again!" Looks like Skye had a great time, too. She does love the animals, doesn't she! You are always having fun adventures. Wish we could enjoy them with you, but since we can't, we always look forward to seeing new things on the blog. Happy birthday Daughter dear!!!!

jennzech said...

Happy birthday, Tacy! Those pictures are precious.

Alexis said...

What a great way to celebrate your birthday, doing the things that you love the most. I hope that you actually got some birthday cake too. I really am a little late on wishing you a happy birthday. Sorry. It's been a couple of crazy days, and me feeling lazy yet busy. Happy Happy Birthday!!!