Friday, March 20, 2009

The Desert Shall Bloom as a Rose

Anyone who has ever said that the desert is ugly has obviously NEVER seen the desert in bloom in the spring. It is the most beautiful place here right now. Not only do the city, the desert, and the mountains look amazing, but everywhere you go, it smells amazing too. This post (and probably others to come) is dedicated to sharing with you, the inspirational beauty we are experiencing in the desert right now. These first pictures are of wildflowers in bloom at the botanical gardens here in Phoenix.
Hummingbirds are everywhere!

I know this doesn't have wildflowers in it, but it's such a super sweet picture my mom took, that I just had to share it!
The fruit of the prickly pear. (I've never seen a prickly pear with so much fruit on it before!)
The next pictures are from around our townhome complex. Not only are there flowers or flowering bushes, but many of the trees here flower as well.

These next many pictures are ones we took in the McDowell Mountains, about an hour northereast of where we live.

Everything was so green and beautiful.

As you can see, the desert isn't just some ugly, brown, colorless place. The next four pictures were taken at South Mountain Park, just a few minutes from our house.
Isn't strange to see such beautiful, delicate flowers blooming on something with incredibly poky spines? The two just don't seem to belong together and yet...

Lance took these last pictures showing why we love Ahwatukee (the area of Phoenix we live in) so much.


Nate & Millie said...

It is beautiful! I love the desert flowers in Arizona. I LOVED the baby bum crack e-mail! Both Nate and I had a good laugh!

Tacy said...

I'm glad you could appreciate my email. I wasn't sure whether it might offend some people, so that's why I just sent it to family memebers who I thought would see the humor in it! I can't wait to see you guys in a couple of months!

Cookie said...

Ditto to what Millie said! Little baby plumber's crack! Hee hee hee...

lance said...

fantastic pictures. But we couldn't portray how nice the flowers looked. Maybe some day we will have better photography skills.