Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adventures with Cookie

 Playing at the park.

 On the hummingbird until...

she saw the "kii" or cheetah.

 Riding the carousel at the zoo.

 A baby cactus.

 Posing for a picture at the zoo.

 Some of the animals we saw.

Always looking for opportunities to climb! 

 The petting zoo sure put a smile on her face.

 Petting a goat.

 Playing in the school house.

A beautiful parrot. 

 A sunbathing turtle. I thought it was a statue at first until I finally saw it's head move a little.

 A swimming turtle.

 We all liked the zebras.

 Hand in hand with Daddy.

 Ready for a boat ride at Tempe Beach Park.

 On the boat.  It didn't last long--Skye hated her life jacket.

 Beautiful scenery.

The smiling moon!


Cookie said...

What a fun week! I remember how warm it was! Not so much that way back in Utah! So glad I was able to spend that time in sunny Phoenix! So glad to have spent time with beautiful Skye!

Tacy said...

I think Dad should retire as soon as he can and you guys can get a time share and stay here in the winters! Isn't Skye worth it?