Monday, February 23, 2009


One of the things we did while in Tucson was go to the Tucson Botanical Gardens. They had a butterfly exhibit going on that was pretty amazing. We got to go into this huge room that was filled with tropical butterflies. That meant that one--the room was extremely hot and humid and two--everyone had to be extremely careful going in and out of the room to make sure none of the butterflies escaped. There were so many of them flying around that it wasn't uncommon to see one land on you. Or in my case, two mating butterflies landed on my hip! Someone who worked there brushed them off for me because apparently they usually mate for around two hours!
Butterflies love citris fruits! What do you expect from tropical butterflies? Of course, I'm sure any butterfly would like them.
The butterflies were beautiful and unusual.
Skye seemed to enjoy them, but when she discovered this little pond with fish, she was more interested in them than the butterflies. We had to keep an eye on her to make sure she didn't get in with the fish!


Cookie said...

Beautiful butterflies! Mating butterflies on your hip? I can think of lots worse things!

lance said...

The butterflies were impossible to photograph while flying. Maybe they are faster than the domestic type. It is too bad because they were a lot cooler in flight.

Cori said...

Skye is absolutely adorable....I would love to have a copy of your family photo. Can you email me one?