Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Superstitions and Legends

On Saturday, we went out to the Superstition Mountains to do some climbing. Here's another yucca plant (see previous post) with Lance standing next to it to get a little better perspective on how tall they are. We had a fun time out in the desert sunshine with the desert plants. Skye was even tremendously good. She sat and played while Lance and I climbed without making any kind of a fuss. Maybe next time we can search for the lost Dutchman's gold mine. The legend is that an immigrant discovered some great gold mine in the Superstition Mountains, but kept the location secret until on his deathbed. But even then, there was no exact location given--just hints as to where it might be. Interesting, huh?

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Cookie said...

I have to assume Skye is being very observant as you climb so one day she will just know exactly what to do! Those plants are amazing!!!