Sunday, February 22, 2009

Surrounded by Cactus

Here are some pictures while hiking in the cactus forest. Some people think the desert is ugly and there are parts that are pretty plain, but this area is not one of them. It was so beautiful there. Lance and I are amazed by all of the different kinds of cactus. We had a great time being out in this beautiful nature. I thought this saguaro cactus was cool looking.
Be careful around the jumping cactus. It might look soft and fuzzy, but you may get poked! Lance is pushing Skye in the stroller in the background.
A view of the trail we were on. Look at all the cactus!
Look at that monster! There are so many different kinds of cactus and they come in a variety of colors like this purple cholla.
More saguaros.
Skye had fun wandering among the cactus. Don't worry, we have taught her that they are pokey and that they make you go "ow."
A family picture.

The fruit of the cholla.


Becca Wecca said...

Maybe someday when we go on a vacation we will have to visit this place, and you guys too! :)

Jess said...

Now, you know our feelings about the desert. :) But those cacti (?) were pretty cool. I can definitely agree with you there!

Cookie said...

The Saguaros make you look pretty short, Tacy! All the cactus are pretty darn interesting, however. I can see why you are enjoying all the desert places so much. Good thing Skye knows they are owie makers! :)

lance said...

The cactus forest is one of the coolest places in the world