Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This is what the weather has been like in Kaysville lately-- That was on Sunday and this snow is from today.
But do you think it has kept the little one from enjoying the outdoors?
No way! Come rain or shine, sun or snow, Skye is going to have her fun playtime outside no matter what!
I don't think she even noticed the cold this morning. She did look cute in her little hood!
And she had lots of fun like she always does.
One of her favorite things these days is to play with a badminton racquet. Who knew that pushing a racquet along the driveway could be so much fun?


Jess said...

Ah, snow. I may not see any this year, since I am not planning on a UT trip until June (maybe June, maybe Oct.). Gotta love the autumn weather craziness!

Lance Stine said...

Of course she doesn't mind the cold. the young baby was outside a lot during her first winter. Too me, this was the worst winter of my whole life with that streak of two months with a temperature that was never more than 20 degrees. She probably remembers breathing the cool air.