Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sunrise, Sunset

One of the things that I love about Phoenix more than Salt Lake (and surrounding area) are the sunsets. Each night the whole sky fills with vibrant, glowing colors (that aren't caused by polution). I've now discovered that sunrise can be pretty spectacular as well. This rainbow was in the western sky this morning.
And this was looking to the east. My camera couldn't totally capture the bright, intense colors, but you sort of get an idea.
I finally had to come in because it started to rain. Poor Lance, he woke up late and wanted a ride to the bus stop, but Skye wasn't awake yet, so I made him ride his bike and I'm sure he got soaked and freezing. Sorry Lance! But thanks for calling to tell me about the beautiful sunrise! And the rain does smell wonderful!


Lance Stine said...

That was the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen, until I got drenched

Cookie said...

Very nice photos! Too bad about the soaking, Lance!