Sunday, November 30, 2008


We've noticed how hawks like to sit on these saguaros near where we live. When Lance got home from work on Friday he was all excited because he had seen two of them on one cactus on his way home. He wanted me to go take a picture, but Skye was napping and and I was tired and wanted to sleep as well. Then, sometime after she woke up (an hour or two later), we had somewhere to go and decided to see if the hawks were still there. Amazingly enough, they were! So I took these pictures of them. We always find it amazing to see things like this. Nature is always inspiring!


Cookie said...

Isn't it amazing the incredible variety that exists so close to your home!? Beautiful birds!

Lance Stine said...
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Lance Stine said...

I imagine that the hawks live and hunt on the hills near our house. Its kind of amazing because they are surrounded by the city. There are lots of rabbits grazing on people's lawns for them to eat.