Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Test of Strength

Look at those strong men! Okay, so the picture isn't that great, but that thing was heavy! I was amazed at them picking it up. It's Lance and our nephew, Tyler. Here's a crew of them transfering it from the house out to a trailer to be taken to Montana by my sister-in-law.
We had one last, big get together with Mindy's family before they headed back to Montana. We went to the park after dinner and I watched (did not participate!) in a pull-up contest! Here's Mindy. She is one buff lady!
Our nephew Trent.
Mindy's husband, Jason, who came in second in the competition.
Lance's sister, Cori, who at least hung from the bars!
And my super strong man who did the most pull-ups!
It was VERY windy that evening so Skye pulled up the hood on her jacket. She looked so cute!
The night ended with a crazy, windy volleyball game.
Skye took off with the ball once, though!

Lance's hand got caught in the net on this play!
It was a fun evening and sad to see Mindy and her family leave. It was a lot of fun spending time with them. I was especially glad Skye got to play with the only cousins she has that are even remotely close to her age. I only wish they lived closer!


lance said...

we need more outings to the park. I miss seeing Skye playing with the soccer ball.

Cookie said...

Skye really misses Audrey and Oren. It was good for her to play with them--she sure had a good time with her cousins.