Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kids Really Do Say the Darndest Things

Skye is at that age where she says some pretty random and funny things. Here are some cute pictures and funny sayings. Skye was eating strawberries. With a smile on her face and a strawberry in her cheek, she said, "Christmas is good like strawberries."
Skye had a sippy cup in the car with us. She started shaking it and then said, "It doesn't sound like a rocket, but it still makes a noise." How random is that?
A month or so ago, a boy with dark hair and glasses passed us the sacrament in church. Skye asked, "Is that Harry Potter? That look just like Harry Potter." I couldn't help but laugh. The funny part was when Lance asked me why she thought that and I told him because of the dark hair and glasses. He still looked confused. Later, I found out he thought she had said the boy looked like Heavenly Father. He couldn't understand why hair and glasses would make her think that!
Skye was drinking some chocolate milk with dinner. When she noticed a piece of her bread had fallen in she responded with, "It's okay. The bread can swim."

Skye is convinced that she's a cat. Seriously. She really thinks she is a cat. So she likes to eat the same way a cat does.

Okay, so most of the time she eats like a normal person, but I wonder if this cat phase will ever diminish. That's my cute, little Skyebee!


Lance Stine said...

very funny

Jess said...

That girl cracks me up. You can just tell Lance that you must be close to Heavenly Father to know that he has dark hair and glasses. :) I wonder if Lissie's thinking she's a dog will interfere with Skye's thinking she's a cat.

Cookie said...

I love all these pictures! They are so cute! I'm glad you wrote down some of those crazy things she's said. Got to have them for posterity, right? OR just to tell her funny stories about herself when she's older. But you should have posted how when you hold her she says that the kitty got hair all over us! That cracks me up! She is indeed OUR cute little Skyebee! Love that little one to pieces!!!

Curtis & Elise said...

Way cute! I love this age, it's so much fun to hear what they are thinking and what they connect and come up with!

Adelyn thinks she's a dog right now. It gets rather annoying sometimes, but I'm sure it'll pass. Good luck!