Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Skye!

The last week has been a whirlwind. I have so much to catch up on. I'll start with Skye's birthday. She turned three on Tuesday! My mom made this cute butterfly cake. Skye loves M&Ms so we decided to decorate it with those. As we were pondering what to do, Skye just started putting them on so we thought it would be fun to let her decorate it. She wore this cute apron that the relief society president in the ward made. My parents go home teaching to her and her husband. She'd made several of them and had one left over so she gave it to Skye. It is so darling! Here's the finished product. We put the face on and Skye did the rest--including the belly button!

Skye's special treat was seeing her cousins, Oren and Audrey. Lance's sister from Montana was down for a visit. We hadn't seen them for two years and Skye was sooooo excited to see them. They instantly bonded!
We had cake and opened presents at the park with all of my family and much of Lance's family. Skye got spoiled this year! She asked her cousins to help her unwrap things. They were very happy to do so!
We ended the evening at Boondocks. Audrey and Skye did roller ball (little kid bowling). Skye would just throw the balls down on the lane. I was sure the floor would crack!
Audrey looked like a pro!
Coming over to give me high five!
Most of the time, Skye wouldn't even wait for her ball to hit the pins before she'd throw another one down. Lance got this great picture of three balls on her lane at once!
Audrey was so nice and offered to play with Skye in the Kiddie Cove. They had a blast! We all did! I love having Boondocks in Kaysville. It was hard pulling Skye away. It was the craziest, funnest birthday ever!

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Cookie said...

It was a very fun birthday celebration. I've never seen a kid get so many birthday presents! And Boondocks was great. Now I know why you all love it so much!