Monday, June 14, 2010

Five Years

The whirlwind of a week continued with Lance's and my fifth wedding anniversary. That seems even more crazy than Skye's third birthday. What a whirlwind ride we've been on in those five years. I rode FrontRunner, then Trax all the way to Sandy to meet Lance after he was done at work. After dinner, we headed to the Real Salt Lake game. They had put the game on hold just as we got there due to lightening. It also started raining. After almost an hour, they finally got to start the game again. Here's the main cheering squad! If you've never been to a RSL game, I highly recommend you go! They are a blast.
Well, this game was a little more dull than others we've been to, but wasn't horrible. They were playing the L.A. Galaxy which they beat for the World Cup title last year. The game was scoreless until about ten or fifteen minutes left in the game when RSL finally got one in.
Me at the game!
RSL won 1-0. Yay for Salt Lake!
The best part of the night for me was the David Cook concert after the game. It was loud and awesome! I absolutely LOVED it!

I love this picture I got of him!
Lance surprised me by taking me to the Anniversary Inn that night. Unfortunately, my overall impression of the place was disappointment. The cheesecake and sparkling cidar were nice, and the room itself (the Log Cabin suite) looked nice enough, but it was a lot smaller than I expected--smaller than other themed hotels like it that I've stayed at. The bed was extremely uncomfortable and squeaked badly. The only thing besides the bed to sit on was a little, hard, wooden bench. They didn't give us any options for breakfast besides what to drink. The cinnamon roll they brought was totally burnt and gross. So I was disappointed. I did like the big jetted tub, though. We had planned to go for a hike in the morning, but after taking a soak in the tub, we were too relaxed to do anything strenuous so we went to the zoo instead.
Besides the baby elephant, we liked seeing the new Nature's Nightmares exhibit. Lance got this great picture of these huge African fruit bats. A lady working there said you can build bat perches in your yard to attract bats. The bats will then eat mosquitos and other bugs. We thought that sounded like a good idea!
Overall, it was a fun anniversary. Thanks for sticking it out with me all these years, Lance! Here's a little, bad quality movie I took with our camera at the concert.


Curtis & Elise said...

Awesome anniversary! Congrats! I think we're going to have to go to the zoo again soon. That new exhibit and the new baby elephant sound great! Sorry to hear your Anniversary Inn stay wasn't so great. We've stayed there multiple times now and each time is totally different. Sometimes it completely sucks and others it's great. Give it another shot. Some of the rooms are way better than others.

Millie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the concert...I love David Cook, too! Nate and I have quit staying at the SLC Anniversary Inn. We used to love it, but the food isn't good at all anymore and the rooms are a disappointment. We LOVE the Logan Anniversary Inn though and the cabins at the Alaskan Inn are small but cozy and fun...and of course have those amazing jetted tubs!

Lance said...

Beat LA

Beat LA

and they did

lance said...

It was a good anniversary even if I planned this one