Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at the Phoenix Zoo. Every year they have Zoo Lights--they put up tons of lights all over the zoo. We went early hoping to see the animals first, but it was closed! At least I got a cool picture of what palm trees would look like if they weren't trimmed!
Actually, despite a few setbacks, we made it back to the zoo after dark to see all of the amazing lights!

I took Skye on the carousel. She knows how to roar like a lion so we thought she'd like sitting on this lion.
She did like the lion, but at the last minute...
she decided she wanted to ride the zebra. It was a little harder for Lance to get a picture of us on the spinning carousel than when it was stationary!
Palm tree lights.
The lights on this tree looked really incredible!
I didn't get a picture of Jengo, the talking giraffe. They had this pretty life-like robot of a giraffe that talked to the kids. Skye loved it! She smiled and waved. We also thought she'd love the sting ray bay.
There are dozens of rays swimming in this little pool that you can touch. Lance and I loved it!
Skye liked looking into the pool, but as soon as I would try to make her touch one of the rays (they are slick and slimy!), she would yank her hand away and give a very unhappy look. She did not want to touch those rays!
Just outside of the zoo, we stopped to look at the ducks (or quack quacks as Skye calls them). Some other people had a bad of popcorn they were using to feed the ducks. They let Skye have what was left. So she threw some popcorn over and fed the ducks...
and occasionally fed herself as well!
After feeding the ducks, it was home and to bed so Santa Claus could bring some presents! I just happened to still be awake when he dropped them off so I got a picture of everything under the tree!


Anonymous said...

Skye would say ka-ka when the sting rays came near. I guess that she thought that there were slimy.

this is lance

Cookie said...

I appreciate Lance filling in the rest of the story, because that was one of the best parts! It was sure fun watching Skye on Christmas. Aren't webcams great! I hope there will be more pics of Christmas day to come!