Sunday, December 14, 2008


The cold weather has finally rolled into Phoenix. It came yesterday afternoon as we were having fun at the pool. Yep, that's right, it's DECEMBER and we were at the pool! I told Lance that I should have brought the camera to take pictures and make you all jealous! Ha ha ha ha ha! Of course, the reason we finally had to leave was because it got all cloudy and a chilly wind began to blow. Today was pretty cold--the first day I've ever had to wear a coat down here. We'll see if the cold weather stays or if it warms up again! Since I didn't have the camera of our time at the pool, I thought I'd just put some pictures of Skye instead! She's getting ready for Christmas by hugging this Santa our neighbors have out!
A few weeks ago I took these pictures of her in her pretty sweater because she looked so cute, but she just would not take her fingers out of her mouth!When she finally did, she wouldn't look at the camera! Ah well. So it goes with funny little toddlers!


Cookie said... cute! I love the picture hugging Santa! That's adorable. She's so cute even with her fingers in her mouth! As I look out my window and see mega inches of snow, it's hard to imagine being at a pool this time of year. ...sigh... But we'll get back at you this summer! :)

Becca Wecca said...

I love the little sweater!!! And, the picture of her hugging santa is so fun!! :) I Love it!