Monday, December 8, 2008


Skye loves puppies (as she calls all dogs) and my new visiting teaching partner has two of them. Skye loved the puppies and the puppies loved to lick Skye! Eventually she learned to defend herself and anytime they'd get near, she would put her hands in front of her face and turn her face away, then reach one hand out to pet them! Paige got the camera for this one because Skye had been hugging George, but of course, as soon as she was about to take the picture, Skye sat up. Still cute, though, huh?!


Jess said...

That girl and her animals. :) Have you found a zoo yet?

Cookie said...

Love these pics! You will definitely need a pet some time for Skye. Remember, Chiang is just a plane flight away!!! :)
I am glad she learned to cover her face! Nothing like a dog tongue right in the mouth! Yuck!