Sunday, January 4, 2009

Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive

I'm trying to keep the Christmas spirit alive by finally posting pictures of our Christmas even though it was over a week ago! I realized, however, that I really didn't take many pictures. We used the camcorder more than the camera. But here are the few pictures I did take. Santa left pomegranates in the stockings.

Here's Skye helping Lance open the present she gave him.

And this (Prince Caspian) is what Skye gave me. Isn't she the best little daughter ever?!

Here's the mess, and it's even before all of the presents had been opened!

Skye and all of her presents. Her favorite thing was the basketball hoop my parents got for her. She still has endless fun with it!


Cookie said...

Ah, the cute little hoopster girl! She did get spoiled--but just the right amount! I think she had a wonderful Christmas and will be having much fun with all her new toys.

Becca Wecca said...

Cute pictures!! Looks like Skye had a lot of fun!!! I am very interested in trying a pomegranite (spell??) because of you guys, I have never eaten one before. I am sure I would like it!

Alexis said...

Bryson got a b-ball hoop too, he loves it!! Merry late Christmas!