Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I've discovered blogging is a lot harder when you have two kids, one of which doesn't nap anymore and the other of which only naps if he's being held. I swear I will get Christmas pictures on here soon, but I just wanted to say that my Christmas present to Lance was tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We went Wednesday night. Are they everything they're hyped up to be? Yes, and even more! It was amazing! One of the best shows/concerts I have ever seen! The music was amazing, the effects were absolutely spectacular! I love being a part of things like that!
This is not a picture we took--it's one I found on the internet. There's my disclaimer!

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Cookie said...

I'm glad you both enjoyed the concert. Dad and I enjoyed our night with the wee ones. It's amazing how we forget what it takes to supervise little ones! But we're up for doing it again, at least I am--might need to check with Dad on that one! :-)