Thursday, January 19, 2012

Preschool and Other Random Things

Here's the cute quilt my mom made for Jack.  We wanted a puppy themed room and I found this darling material and my mom made it!
 I don't think I ever posted this cute picture of Skye.  My cousin got this shirt for her when she was in Canada serving a mission.
 I also forgot to post this.  Only about a week or two into the preschool year, Skye got hurt on the swingset. She got hit by the glider and was injured pretty bad.  I had to go over there and comfort her for awhile.  Once I saw how bad it was, I could understand why.  I wouldn't be surprised if she keeps a scar on her side the rest of her life from it.  I was afraid it might make her scared of preschool, but she still loves it!
 A pretty rainbow looking west from our front porch.
 Skye learned about elephants one day at preschool and made this!  Being the animal lover that she is, she's had a lot of fun wearing it!
 Here are some deer in the field behind our house.

 And here's the edible Christmas tree made at preschool!
 And then there's Jack!  He fell asleep in this cute bunting my mom got for him.
 Sleeping babies are the most angelic things in the world!

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