Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas 2011...Nearly a Month Later!!!

As mentioned in my last post, it sure is a lot harder to blog now. So I'm finally getting Christmas pictures on here! Skye really got spoiled this Christmas, first at my parent's house.
 Here's their cute, little Christmas tree--a lot easier to set up and decorate!
 And here's our Christmas tree! After having a bad experience with a live tree last year, we decided to just spend the money and get a fake one. I think it's very nice and really like it.
 Skye also got spoiled by Santa--here are the presents he left for her!
 Skye got a reindeer toy (name Rani) as a white elephant gift at a Christmas party a few years ago. This year on her Christmas list to Santa, she wanted a reindeer friend for Rani. And he delivered!
 She then got spoiled by my sister and brother-in-law with this HUGE present.
 This is what was inside. Of course, Skye was quite excited since she loves horses so much. She named her Ginger and I'll get video of her riding it soon.
 Finally, she got a little spoiled by us, too!
 Skye with all of her presents.
 This is how Jack spent his first Christmas--just hanging out, sleeping, and...
 eating! He did not get spoiled. But what do you expect as a one-month-old?! He was spoiled when he was born!
 Here's Skye in her Christmas dress by the Christmas tree just before going to church.
 Oh, and did I mention that I got spoiled, too? I know the picture ended up blurry, but I had to put it on anyway. Lance got me this wonderful, new laptap for Christmas and I LOVE it!!!! Thanks, Bandit! It was a really great Christmas!


Lance Stine said...

A great Christmas indeed

Cookie said...

How are you going to top this Christmas with the next one? Two kids to spoil? Oh my, better not even thing about that yet! :-)