Thursday, June 16, 2011

Skye's actual birthday was filled with more presents and family.
I actually took time to make this present look nice and pretty!

We went to Boondocks the night of her birthday. They have this special for your birthday where you get to do all these things for free. Skye was really looking forward to riding on the go-karts with Lance and playing some miniature golf. Unfortunately, it was the night of that freak storm so pouring rain made it impossible to do any of those things.

We still managed to have a good time, though, eating pizza with my family, opening presents, and playing games.

Once again, she got some really great presents!

This is one of her favorite games at Boondocks.

Overall, it was really fun birthday for our now four-year-old girl! It was so cute--just after she woke up the morning of her birthday, I told her happy birthday and that she was no longer three, she was now four. She was all excited, then put her hand to her heart and said, "I can feel my birthday in my heart, Mommy." I can't believe how she's grown up! But just as cute as ever!

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Cookie said...

I love the story of her birthday morning. She says the cutest things! I can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are to have you all so close to be able to watch her grow. Can hardly wait for Squiggles to arrive! ;-)