Friday, June 10, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Sea World

One of the last things we did our final day at Sea World was to catch the Sea Lion show. It was definitely my favorite show because it was the most entertaining. This guy kept everyone laughing until the show actually began. The show was themed after different T.V. shows. This one was a take on CSI, but instead was Sea Lion Investigation.
The sea lions were great!

Here's Dancing with the Sea Lions.

I have some good video of the show I'll have to put on next.

Who would have thought we'd see this cute, little bunny at Sea World?!

We enjoyed this sky ride in the afternoon.

Skye was happy to see a killer whale close up!

What an adventure Sea World turned out to be! I definitely look forward to going back someday!

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Cookie said...

I believe it is definitely good to do Sea World in more than one day! I hope I can go some day and enjoy it as much as you did on this trip.