Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Dream Come True

I've always loved dolphins. Ever since I was young, I wanted to be in the water with them, play with them, swim with them. So my favorite part of our vacation was the dolphin interaction program at Sea World. It was Lance and Skye's birthday/Mother's Day present to me. And while they don't actually let you swim with them, I did get to learn about them, touch them, do tricks with them, and even kiss them! We started off interacting with a two-year-old baby who didn't want to stop playing. Here we are waiting for her. She had a football she didn't want to give up so the trainer had to trick her to get it away from her and over to us!

The whole experience was great! The water was cold, but actually felt nice because it was so hot outside! I was so happy the whole time! The only downside was that Skye had another meltdown right before we got in the water. Lance completely missed the second half of the program because he had to get Skye an ice-cream to calm her down. It's sad because it was the best part. We went to another side of the pool to work with another dolphin. We did more tricks and learned more about her than we had with the baby dolphin. So he didn't get any pictures or videos of it, but luckily, they had professional photographers to capture moments like...

this!!!! The trainer told us, "Let's do this trick. She hasn't done it in awhile, but let's see how it goes." He then showed us a hand signal to do, but didn't tell us what it meant. We did what he showed us, then suddenly, the dolphin jumped out of the water and splashed back down! It was so fun, but unexpected! I got cold salt water all over in my mouth, but it was so worth it!

Thanks to Lance for letting me have this incredible experience and fulfil a dream!

After I was finished with the program and on our way to get some lunch, Skye saw Shamu and had to get a picture with her! She was sooooo excited!

After lunch, we went to see some dolphins that were getting fed. Ever since I told Skye we were going to Sea World and especially after she learned I would get to interact with the dolphins, she would say how she wanted to pet a dolphin. This was something she really wanted to do, but I didn't think she would get to. I was so afraid it would end up causing a tantrum, but luckily, she and Lance got to touch this one! I think I was more excited than she was that she got to because I knew how happy it would make her!


Jess said...

What an awesome present! That must have been so fun. And that's neat that Skye got to participate later by petting a dolphin. My kids would be jealous. :)

Cookie said...

All I can say is AWESOME!!!!