Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun at the Beach

Our last afternoon in San Diego was spent hanging out and having fun at Pacific beach. Skye spent a lot of her time digging in the sand and making sand castles.
The beautiful Pacific Ocean! Who doesn't love the ocean?!

Another fun activity was searching for shells. Skye had been waiting to find shells on the beach for years! The tricky part was that all the good shells were hidden under the water. You had to wait for a wave to head out to the ocean to hurry and pick them up before another wave rolled back in. It became quite an adventure especially when high tide started coming in!

Skye met this other little boy and they spent a long time together building and rebuilding (when it got knocked down by waves) a big crab house. They called it that because there were billions of miniature crabs all over the beach. Anytime we'd dig into the sand, it would unearth these crabs that would quickly burrow back down under the dirt.

The beach was Lance's favorite part of our whole trip. He had a great time body surfing and I had a great time getting pictures and video of him! Honestly, the beach was probably really Skye's favorite part of the trip, too. We should have spent more time there.

I couldn't believe the detail I could see of this boat once I got the picture of it. It was actually pretty far away, but the zoom on the camera did its job!

We often saw these big sea birds flying over in formation. None of my picture really captured just how cool they looked, but here they are anyway.

If we hadn't had Skye to keep an eye on, I probably would have gone out in the waves with Lance, but there was no way I was going out by myself so I just had fun jumping little waves with Skye!

Our happy girl.

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Cookie said...

I love Skye's swimsuit! It looks so cute on her! :-)
It does appear that time spent at the beach was time well spent! Yep, San Diego is looking more inviting with every post you've done.