Friday, November 26, 2010

We Really Love Moab!

Earlier this month, we went back to Moab, this time with Skye and my brother in tow. We went straight to Potash Road to climb as soon as we got there. You'd have to understand our weird sense of humor to understand the weird photos we like to take! We call these "tourist" photos--getting ready to climb!

Rock vandalism or modern petroglyphs?
Travis ascending the slab!
You gotta love, posed, cheesey pictures, right?!
The slab master!
Skye had fun playing in the sand and getting dirty!
This is one of the reasons why we love Moab so much--not only is there awesome rock climbing, but there are such beautiful views everywhere you go!

The next day we did some more fun climbing in the warm weather.
The wildlife!

We love having fun adventures in Moab!


Jess said...

You guys and your "tourist photos". Ha ha! I loved the picture of the Moab wildlife too.

Cookie said...

Ah, Jessica beat me to it! The wildlife was my favorite, too! I also enjoyed the "ward" weather. A little typo? Ha ha ha....
I think it was a good adventure for everyone.

Lance said...

i kind of want to paint one of the river pictures

Growing Up Skye said...

You should paint one of the river pictures.