Saturday, November 20, 2010

Regarding Christmas

Some people (like Lance) are really creative and can pick out great grifts without being told what to get. I am not! I can't get a present (not even for Lance!) without being told specifically what to get. I know Christmas is about giving, not getting, and being thankful for what we have, but I would rather get someone something they want or need. So for any of you out there who might be getting a present for Lance or me this Christmas and need a little help with what to get, here are some great ideas.

We both love gift cards--I think they are the best presents idea ever! We both like gift cards to REI, Amazon, and Beyond Spa (our FAVORITE spa and one of our favorite places to go). Lance also likes gift cards to Hobby Lobby for painting supplies. I also like Old Navy, Gap, and Athleta for tall clothing. I wouldn't mind a popcorn popper, too.

So those are just some ideas for those who want to know!

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Millie said...

We agree, gift cards are the best! I loved that you gave me ideas for you and Lance for Christmas! It made our shopping day easy to just pick up gift cards and then you can get what you really want!