Monday, November 8, 2010


We started our trick-or-treating off Saturday morning at the zoo. One of the first animals we saw was Clifford! Skye loves Clifford and was happy to get a hug from him and then a picture. As you can see, her costume this year was Jesse. It was several sizes too big, but we could never find another costume we liked and Skye really wanted to be Jesse so my mom made some adjustments to it so it would fit her a little better. She's usually afraid of the elephant statue because it's loud and shoots air out of its trunk, but that day, she actually wanted her picture taken on it.
As usual, she took a carousel ride. She wanted the snow leapord, but another kid snatched it just before she got there. She seemed pretty disappointed with the baby lion until I asked her if she was riding Nala (from The Lion King). That made her really happy!
Skye loves suckers. It was hard getting her to pose or even be interested in anything much after getting suckers in pumpkin.
There are some animals Skye always loves seeing at the zoo (like the snakes). And then she seems to pick different ones to like more different times we go. This time, she was most interested in the giraffes. Lance and I took the time to sit down, and take a break!
Another sucker!
Here she is getting ready to go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood that night. It was such nice weather at the zoo, but turned cold and rainy that night so we put her hoodie on underneath her costume.

Here are our jack-o-lanturns. Lance carved most of them. He always does a good job!

This is a face made out of ghosts. Or ghosts that make a face!
Skye picked this glowing skull out!
It ended up being a pretty fun Halloween.


Mike and Tia Fam said...

Looks awesome! Skye made a really cute Jesse. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Cookie said...

You really had a full day on Halloween! All those wonder Skye got sick!