Saturday, November 14, 2009

Skye Loves the Zoo

Lance had Wednesday off for Veteran's Day so we headed to the zoo. They just opened an exhibit with two Komodo dragons. This is just a statue of one. And here's the real thing. It was pretty impressive--pretty big!
And yet this peacock was just fine sitting on the fence of the dragon's cage.
The Phoenix Zoo is so big that we discover new things every time we go. This time, we spent less time looking at animals and more time playing. They have an actual kid-size Little People Discovery Farm. Here's Skye looking at Farmer Jed...
climbing Farmer Jed...
on top of Farmer Jed.
She has the toy of this farmhouse so she was really, really excited to see all of her familiar toys her own size.

Lance also discovered all these cool statues that Skye had fun playing in and on.

Daddy got in on the action, too, with a little gator wrestling!
This statue of an African elephant and her baby are life-size. I wouldn't want to be in the way of one out in the wild, but Skye loved seeing this one.

I tried getting her to roar on the lion, but she was just sick of getting her picture taken.
We ended the excursion on the carousel where Skye was able to muster another smile, of course. She LOVES riding the carousel!


Jess said...

Right now I feel very disgruntled that I do not get to see Skye's darling face next month. Can't you stay another week? :) I'll just have to catch you another time I guess. At least our mothers live in the same city. We will always meet up.

As for this post- I love the Little People statues! Emmett would go nuts! And the picture of Lance wrestling the gator is hilarious.

Cookie said...

Gotta love Gator Lance! You guys have so many fun places down there! So while we are basking in snow right now, you can go to the zoo! Phoenix keeps sounding/looking better and better all the time! Glad Skye has so much fun at all these places. I could certainly see that "I'm sick of pictures" look in the Lion pose. Pretty funny and so very, very Skye!

Nate & Millie said...

I'm so glad she's a "zoo-girl"! Hogle Zoo had Komodo Dragons for a while, I was amazed at how big they are. I love the Little People...what fun! I'm glad you guys had a fun day at the zoo!